Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Saturday, March 18, 2017


The Court's last full regular meeting for Amaranthine Year 2016-2018 turned out to be a blast with the presence of HL Perla G. Reyes of Legend Court 166 in New York and the Deputy Supreme Royal Matron to Hawaii, who with her piano skills acted as the pro temp Musician during the meeting where she also handed a donation of $150 to the Royal Matron. 

In the same meeting, the Royal Matron also accepted a Plaque of Appreciation from SK Jojit Floro as a symbol of his gratitude to the Court's support during his incumbency as the Master of Model Lodge No. 33. 

The Court's birthday celebrants for the months of March and April were also feted which is the Royal Matron's last act on such before she steps down on April 1. 

It was a happy and productive Amaranthine Year and it is fitting to celebrate it with a boodle feast  that was also the Royal Matron and Patron's thanksgiving to the members of the Court who supported them throughout their incumbency.


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