Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The Welcome Committee (03 February 2017)

DDGRP Ireneo Dones with Grand Associate Conductress Marita Dones III and the Royal Matrons of Pantabangan-Bonari Court No. 46 and Model Court No. 55 welcomes The Grand Royal Matron and Patron upon their arrival at the Philippine Center for Post-Harvest Development and Mechanization.  

The Convention (04 February 2017)

The Royal Matron with the advance party of the Court's delegation to the 11th District V Convention of the Order of the Amaranth under the jurisdiction of the Grand Court of the Philippines.

Model Court No. 55 and its incumbent Royal Matron and Patron were recognized as "Outstanding Court" (upper photo above) and "Outstanding Royal Matron and Patron" (lower photo above) during the 11th Convention of the Order of the Amaranth's District V.

The full delegation of Model Court with the Grand Royal Matron and the Grand Secretary (upper photo above) after the District Convention, and with other delegates from District V's subordinate Courts (lower photo above).

The Fellowship of the Amaranth 

Team 55 in cowboy attire during the post-Convention fellowship dinner tendered by DDGRP Preciline Bugtong-Andaya and DDGRP Ireneo Dones in honor of the Grand Royal Matron and Patron and their party.

Team 55 during their dance number of "Girls Dancing in a Saloon Bar" (upper photo above), and with the honorees of the Fellowship Dinner.

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