Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Four Sundays of bowling.

Eleven bowling games.

A team of Masons and Honored Ladies.

And it boiled down to the last frame of the last game as the combined Model Team (373 & 55) finally notched that elusive win after SK Jojit Floro's last ball brought down all pins to register a 4-pinfall advantage against the combined team of San Leonardo Lodge 386 and Aliaga Lodge 404 after trailing most of the game.

It was not however enough to lift Model Team to a higher finish and have to settle for a familiar 3rd runner-up trophy in the Class D classification.

Nonetheless, it was sweet victory and the last four days certainly deserved a fellowship dinner in celebration of the year's Bowling Games.

Bowling as a Counter-Diabetes Sport

For Model Court, the 2016 Bowling Games is part of its Year-Long Diabetes Awareness program.

It doesn't matter if most of the players can only throw the ball.

What is important is the effort and the sweat that comes with it, which means calories and sugar burned.  

Which means lower blood sugar levels and healthier bodies.

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