Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Upon her installation, the Royal Matron convened an Executive Committee composed of herself, the Assistant Grand Lecturer, the immediate past Royal Matron, and the Associate Royal Matron and Patron to oversee an organizational and membership process, and to consult with the Assistant Grand Lecture on how to respond to the Amaranthine Education needs of the Court's members.

The Executive Committee first met on 20 May 2016 before the month's regular stated meeting where the proposed work and financial for the year, the rationalization of the Court's accounts, and the holding of a regular AGL's Hour for Amaranthine Education during meetings were discussed and agreed.

On its second meeting on 17 June 2016, the Executive Committee finalized the Court's annual financial plan and Amaranthine Education on floorworks for the Court's upcoming regular meeting.

On 15 July 2016, the Executive Committee again met to supervise a review of the preparations and floorworks for the upcoming Official District Meeting to Model Court.

With the assistance of the Executive Committee, the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Court becomes a collective effort which is the purpose of every organization.

More than that, the Executive Committee also serves as a platform in discussing emerging concerns that needs to be resolved, and ensures that meetings are organized and facilitated well.

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