Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Together We Can Stop Diabetes!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Since its inception as a regular Court, it has always been clear to Model Court that as a Masonic appendant body, its primary mandate is to support the charity work of Blue Lodges.

Model Court then being sponsored by Model Lodge No. 373 has slowly assumed a leading role in implementing the Lodge's signature charity projects --- the annual "Operation Tuli" and "Adopt-a-School" project in particular. 

In 2015, the partnership was extended to include the Munoz Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites that was then presided by Venerable Master Oliver Almeria who is a regular member of Model Court No. 55.

And this year, that partnership rolled off with a community medical outreach and nutrient supplementation project that benefitted 131 urban poor families in Sangitan, Cabanatauan City. 

WB Jojit Floro of Model Lodge No. 373, VM Val Santos of the Munoz Bodies, and RM Baby Liza Ciencia of Model Court No. 55 personally supervised, with their respective members, the day-long project at the Sangitan Market that was supported by the AVRS Pharmacy who provided the attending doctors, the free medicines, and the nutrient supplement for young mothers and their babies who are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition. 

More than a partnership project, the event is of course a family affair since all participating Masonic bodies are related: VM Val Santos being a member of Model Lodge; a number of Model Lodge members, including WB Jojit Floro, being members of the Munoz Bodies and Model Court; while all of Model Court's Honored Ladies are either married or related to Masons who are members of Model Lodge and the Munoz Bodies.  

What is also significant is that for the first time, a non-Masonic private sector organization is involved --- the AVRS Pharmacy --- which is of course part of the overall effort to promote Masonic values in the community and Philippine society in general.

But for Model Court, the activity was conducted not just for activity's sake but to forge a closer relations with Blue Lodges and Masonic appendant bodies while at the same time realizing its relevance both as a civic and Masonic organization.  

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